What Can You Study at Central South University of Forestry and Technology

Central South University of Forestry and Technology (CSUFT), with Changsha city as its location,also known for the specialized subjects in forestry science & technology. With degree programs across a huge variety from traditional forestry to highly technical courses, the university believes it has something for every interest and career end result.

Diverse Academic Programs

Forestry and Ecological Engineering: Forestry as the leading discipline, CSUFT integrates a coordinated program for general education with its programs in Traditional Chinese Encompassment. Specialisations such as Forest Cultivation, Wildlife Conservation and Wood Science and Technology are under this. They are trained in theoretical as well as practical aspects of forest management, ecological equilibrium and sustainable utilisation of natural resources.

Biotechnology & Biological Sciences: The place is also famous for its stronghold on Biotechnological as well as biological science hence DBT (Department of biotech) founded it in 1986 Degree courses in Bioengineering, Environmental Science and Plant Protection use the principles of biology combined with advancements from new technology to provide systemic solutions to environmental concerns as well as those facing agriculture.

The course is also a bit engineering and technical in nature where it goes beyond its core to civil, mechanical and IT stream(variable) - CSUFT The essence of these programs is to enable students with all those skills that pave the way for innovations and superior performance in a fast-evolving technological world.

Business and the Liberal Arts (a Broadened Goal)

Besides its engineering and scientific courses, CSUFT offers programs in Business Administration (through the College of Statistics, Economics & Management), currently with concentrations in International Trade; Financial management; Human resources development and corporate training among others. A unique feature in these programs that incorporates artful designs within practical business settings to facilitate students face modern challenges of the numerous elements of architecture and land use planning solutions.

Cultural Studies and Languages:The university also offers courses in Chinese Language & Literature to enhance the students knowledge of traditional chinese culture as well as modern literary discourses. For international, students these courses provide a great pathway to build up an extensive knowledge and understanding of Chinese society given its long history.

Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Collaboration

CSUFT promotes cross-disciplinary learning, where students may pick and choose courses from various departments according to their future careers or interest areas. Its design encourages a fuller knowledge of the ways in which interrelationships with other disciplines are related; that will be invaluable to addressing large-scale world challenges.

Research and Innovation : Students of CSUFT are given the role from recipient to contributor. Many of the university's research institutes provide opportunities for students to pursue original and often groundbreaking work, both here in Sydney and around the world collaborating with international scholars and industry partners.

Global Applications and Integration

Internationalization is central to the university's mission, and one of its hallmarks is its top international partnerships. Not only is this global network beneficial for educational purposes through exchanges and joint programs, but it also provides the graduates with experiences that prepare them to enter a competitive international job market.

CSUFT has courses in traditional Chinese medicine that are perfect for any medical student, and the best part is it provides a blend of medical knowledge with modern times so one can understand all prerequisites to become awesome doctor in chinese medicine.


Central South University of Forestry and Technology is distinguished by programs that combine its environmental science, forestry linkages with technology or business or art in some form. Our multidisciplinary focus prepares students to be the best they can in many areas, inspiring new ideas and innovations that contribute to sustainable progress around the corner or across continents.

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